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Girls in Renewable Energy &
Alternative Resources


WRDC: Photo Courtesy of Mary Clarke


Girls in Renewable Energy and Alternative Technologies (GREAT) camp is designed to educate and inspire girls in Grade 7 to consider the environment and what they can do to reduce greenhouse gases and affect climate change through the use of renewable energy.   

Participants will learn the mechanics of harnessing energy, in particular wind and solar energy through a combination of lecture and hands on activities. This camp will also provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about career opportunities in the science, engineering, trades and technologies that support renewable energy. 

Girls in Renewable Energy and Alternative Technologies (GREAT) is a five day camp that will cover the following topics in a fun learning environment:

  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Electrical Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Building a power system
  • Careers in Renewable Energy

The final day will involve a presentation to students, family, friends and media to view the participant’s work and discuss alternative and renewable energy. 




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