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Educational Resource Centre
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The WRDC Educational Resource Centre (ERC) has grown from the work being done by Women In Resource Development under its mandate to increase the participation of women in trades and technology occupations within the natural resource sectors.

The Centre was created in 2002 with the goal of offering province-wide resources to girls and women who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn about these careers.

The resources available at the Centre include a range of programs, services and materials.

The Educational Resource Centre (ERC) currently offers six programs:
NOTE: All ERC Programs are based on available funding.

  • GETT Camp (Girls Exploring Trades & Technology) -is a program that gives girls ages 10-12 an opportunity to experience firsthand how to make their very own Go Kart! They design and build their own Go Kart which they then race! This week-long camp allows the girls to increase their confidence through "hands-on" experience with design, tools and construction. At the end of camp, graduates have a better awareness of their abilities and the possibilities for women in non-traditional areas.
  • GREAT is designed to educate and inspire grade seven girls through how they can reduce greenhouse gases and affect climate change through the use of renewable and alternative energy.
  • Techsploration Newfoundland & Labrdor - is a program designed to provide young women with opportunities to explore trades, technical and technology-related occupations, while creating an awareness about the critical role of work in their lives. It also helps them understand the significance of high school math and science to their future careers.
  • Camp GLOW(Group Learning for Outgoing Women) - is for women age
    17 years and older where they learn about the fire service and have fun. Participants leave the camp feeling confident to tackle a wide array of challenges. GLOW empowers and builds confidence through experiences in team-building and physical ability. It increases self-sufficiency, not only as individuals but, also as potential future firefighters.
  • GUSTO! (Girls United in Skilled Trades and Operations) is a five day program for grade 11 young women. Through hands on activities the participants become familiar with various trades, operations and safety in the construction industry.
    Where possible, Role Models in these trades visit and share about their experiences in the field. The program helps break barriers to careers in skilled trades, engineering, design and operations,through team-based, experiential learning. It also encourages young women to think about a career in a non-traditional role.
  • TOTT (Techsploration: Orientation to Trades and Technology) is a 13-week program developed by WRDC to give women ages 17-22 practical experience of natural resource-based industries. It has been previously funded by Hebron and Hibernia Management Development Corporation (HMDC). This program is delivered by the College of the North Atlantic and has been specifically designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for women to explore trades and technology through a hands-on training courses.

An essential part of these programs has been the development of a mentors' network for girls and women working in or preparing for careers in trades, technology and science.

After participating in WRDC mentor workshops these women participate as role models and industry representatives in various programs and events.

The Educational Resource Centre (ERC) also houses a resource library which is available to the public

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